High Tech Self-Defense, Stun Gun, Taser, Pepper Spray, Weapons

High Tech Self-Defense, Stun Gun, Taser, Pepper Spray, Weapons


MTECH USA MT-588BK Fixed Blade Neck Knife, Black Blade Grenade-Style Handle, 4-1/4-Inch Overall

  • Unique Neck Knife
  • 4.25" Closed
  • Black Stainless Steel Blade
  • Black Grenade Style Handle
  • Includes Pocket Clip
A useful survival knife, the fixed MTech MT-588BK is small yet effective tool. It measures 4.25" in overall length with a black finished stainless steel edge blade. A large thumbhole is also included within the full tang blade for easy gripping. The stainless steel handle is a short and simple black grenade design with a lanyard hole. For protection of both knife and wielder, the item includes a black neck sheath with metal clip and beaded neck chain.
List Price: $ 8.43 Price: $ 7.77

Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Thermal Fleece Wind-Resistant Hinged Balaclava, Black

  • WIND-PROOF Wind-protectant fabric paneling over vulnerable areas to protect against a variety of nature's elements.
  • FULL COVERAGE WARMTH Long length covers face, nose, mouth, and neck while maintaining breathability.
  • VERSATILE Functional hood with a hinge design that can be worn in a variety of ways from ski mask to neck gaiter.
  • UNIVERSAL UNISEX SIZE Stretchable warm fleece that can fit any size head and provide the ultimate winter protection and comfort.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT Warm fleece ski mask that comfortably fits under a helmet or hard hat without feeling too bulky.
High quality thermal outdoor sports mask to provide the best protection and warmth in cold winter climates. Perfect addition to any winter gear kit for skiing, snowmobiling, hunting, motorcycling, snowboarding, hiking, cross country skiing, or just shoveling the driveway!
List Price: $ 19.04 Price: $ 12.99

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