Asp 52931 Nexus Subcap Baton Clip for F-Series Batons


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Product Description

ASP Nexus Subcaps are compatible with all ASP Friction-Loc Tactical Batons. They may be attached to the handles of 16", 21", or 26" batons. The Nexus allows the use of Logo, Grip, Leverage, Tactical Defender, and Tactical USB accessory caps as well as the Breakaway subcap. The Nexus is attached by simply removing the existing cap, threading the Nexus onto the baton and re-attaching the existing baton cap. The baton may now be clipped on to the belt, allowing the baton to be carried without any additional accessories. Like all ASP products, the Nexus is covered by ASP's limited lifetime warranty.


  • Tested for durability
  • Provides secure, lightweight clip-on retention of all asp friction loc batons. The design is compact and easily installed. Batons are conveniently carried and rapidly presented
  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Allows an ASP Tactical Baton to be carried without a baton holder
  • The Nexus equipped baton can be clipped on duty or dress belt
  • Compatible with all ASP F-Series batons and baton caps


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