J5 Tactical J5-V2 750 Lumen Flashlight, Black

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Product Description

The j5 v2 750 lumen tactical LED flashlight is the last flashlight you will ever wantJ5 Tactical is the official flashlight of joe Gibbs racing and the number 19 arras Toyota Camry nascar driven by carl Edwards the j5 v2 tactical flashlight is the latest addition to the J5 Tactical range of flashlights. With it’s ultra bright 750lm LED light, and ability to run all night on 1 x 18650 battery. This is the perfect for hunting, cycling, climbing, camping or any outdoor activity. J5 v2 750 tactical flashlight features: Small handheld but intense – super bright LED flashlight (max 750 lumens) the beam on this flashlight can sweep a bright white light over 2 football field lengths on a clear night. Adjustable focus lets you zoom the beam in and out for a super focused narrow beam. Amazing brightness from 1 x 18650 battery (not included) a single battery charge will give you a couple of solid hours of brilliant bright light. Or will last several weeks to several months with normal daily use. Made with a compact aluminum alloy case, making it easy to slip into your pocket or clip on your belt or backpack. Best of all, you will be the envy of all your friends when you pull this thing out and start waving it around. The beam is so powerful that we have even had reports of kids using them as “light sabers” while out on camping trips. Tested in the field: The j5 v2 was recently tested with a rescue worker who gave it the big thumbs up after an all-night search and rescue mission. A recently returned serviceman used his J5 Tactical in Afghanistan and upon return gave it to his dad because he liked it so much. Money back guarantee if you have any problems whatsoever, simply contact us through your order emails and we will replace it or refund it, no problems.


  • Amazingly bright - 750 lumen flashlight (max output) LED bulb producing an intense beam of light
  • Intelligent - 5 light modes high / med / low / strobe / sos means you're ready for anything
  • Powerful - j5 v2 LED flashlight runs off 1x 18650 3.7v (2200 mah to 2600 mah) battery (not included)
  • Heave duty - compact handheld flashlight, tough as nails makes the j5 v2 the perfect choice
  • J5 Tactical is the official flashlight of joe Gibbs racing, the number 19 arras Toyota Camry nascar


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