JPX 4 Shot Pepper Spray Gun


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Product Description

The JPX4 Shot Defender is a brand new product offered to Law Enforcement by Piexon AG. This is the only product that can fire 4 separate shots of pepper spray at 590 FPS from the nozzel up to 23 feet. Most Less-lethal devices are limited in range and reliability. The JPX 4 fires using actual primers making it a very reliable weapon. It has been certified by ATF as a non-firearm with no registration required. Each removable cartridge fires exceptionally potent liquid 10% OC at 320 FPS at 5 feet with effective distance of 23 feet. With ease of training and the power of each super-strong pepper payload has made the JPX very popular among law enforcement and corrections professionals world-wide. The JPX 4 carries four self-cleaning pepper rounds, making multiple shots available when needed. Reloading is fast and easy. You can load each round individually so that you always have 4 rounds available


  • LE Quality Pepper Gun
  • Fires up 4 Separate Shots to 23 feet at 590 FPS from the nozzel
  • Swiss Made
  • Not Considered a Firearm by ATF
  • Lightweight at 16 oz empty and 20 oz with 4 shots


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